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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Note that our submissions window has closed. We look forward to receiving your entries during our next submissions period June 1 — November 1.


As California's oldest literary journal, we are devoting Reed 151 to our locale of origin, the Golden State, and we are looking for literature and art that help us create a mosaic of place.

As rich and varied as the very land it occupies, the state of California is a place of superlatives: a leading economy, a cultural trendsetter, a national and international destination. Home to nearly 40 million people, California is also home to Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, the Central Valley, and Death Valley. It is where you’ll find the Hollywood Hills, the redwood forests, the Malibu surf breaks, and the High Sierra. It is the ancestral land of hundreds of indigenous tribes, and the destination of refugees, pioneers, immigrants, and seekers of wealth, wisdom, fame, and fortune. 

Even if you’ve never set foot in the Golden State, you haven’t escaped its reach. From Disneyland to Stanford, California conjures both a place to live and way of life, a state and a state of mind.

What’s your California story? Does your fiction take place in any of its 482 cities and towns? Or perhaps you’re profiling a native son or daughter? Does the state itself, its denizens, or its metaphoric profile figure within your work? Whether you have a a nonfiction essay, short story, poem, or work of graphic art, submit your California-themed creation to the 2018 edition of Reed Magazine, a California institution for more than 150 years.

Reed accepts submissions June 1 through November 1

Submission Guidelines

Reed Magazine publishes works of short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. If you would like to submit work that fits into any of these categories, please follow our guidelines.


Please keep fiction submissions under 5,000 words. It makes us happy when your submission has page numbers, and it makes us even happier when you list the word count on the first page.


Please keep nonfiction submissions under 5,000 words. Again, page numbers put smiles on our editors’ faces. We wouldn’t mind if you included the word count here, too.


You may submit up to five poems. Please submit all poems as a single document.


Please send art submissions to us in a format that is easy to open, such as a jpg file, and let us know the medium of the piece. 


Contest submissions for the John Steinbeck Award (fiction), the Gabriele Rico Challenge (creative nonfiction), the Edwin Markham Prize (poetry), and the Mary Blair Award (art) should follow the same guidelines for their respective categories as normal submissions. 

All contest submissions require a fee of $15, which includes a free copy of the latest edition of Reed. We are sorry that we cannot send complimentary journals to contestants outside the USA because of the cost of postage.

Contest submissions not selected may still be considered for publication in the magazine.